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Beautiful enterprise social network.

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Nick O'Neill
Been hearing a lot about this from investors.
Nathan Bashaw
Interesting - do you have any idea how it compares to Yammer? cc @jasonyogeshshah
Ryan Hoover
I played with this ~3 months ago after discovering it in a comment thread on Ryan Carson's blog. It's well designed but I didn't see a use for it myself. Inc (https://sendtoinc.com/) is also very similar (@nchirls submitted it on linkydink a while ago).
Nick O'Neill
@nbashaw nope, I'm definitely curious though. I know Yammer's mobile experience isn't exactly phenomenal though.
Adam Lieb
We use this. I wouldn't call it much of a comparison to Yammer (although maybe it will grow up to be). It is basically just a link sharing service (that can be private or public). Pretty comparable to Inc (which I've also used). I got sick of article sharing via email or hipchat and wanted a dedicated place to keep things. Honey ended up being the best solution I could find. I'd recommend it as a private link sharing service, but frankly not much more than that.
Zain Abiddin
Just started using it. Looks super sleek. Thinking of using it as a company wiki!

Welcome to Honey, the intranet you’ve been looking for.

Founded at an award-winning design agency in Brooklyn, Honey gives your employees a simple, central location to find all of the company information and updates they need.

Simple to use.

Whether setting up your intranet or simply looking for your employee handbook, you’ll get the hang of Honey in no time. Simple design, personalized feeds, and customized notifications make Honey as intuitive as the apps you use and love outside of the office.

More than just links.

Your team deserves a knowledge hub that’s more than a sad page of links. Honey makes it easy to organize, share, and access beautiful embedded content and rich media. Files, videos, images, calendars, surveys? You got it.

Seamless integrations.

Does your team rely on file sharing, group chat, and single sign-on tools to make it through the day? So do we. That’s why you’ll find integrations to these tools and many others ready to go in Honey.

Friendly, dedicated support team.

Our Customer Success managers are the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and they’re here to help you succeed. Count on us for strategy sessions, personalized training, and quick technical help. With Honey, you’re never on your own.

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