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Ryan Hoover
This morning Clarity just released a big update, describe here: The redesign is a huge improvement from the mobile-optimized version before. I've taken 4 calls on Clarity and enjoyed the experience (my profile:
Ben Yoskovitz
I've done quite a few calls on Clarity and enjoyed almost all of them. Generally the people are smart, professional and have great questions they want to dig into. Oftentimes the calls result in blog post ideas, which is also very cool. It's just a great way to connect with people and be reminded of the challenges everyone is facing.
Greg Meyer
Clarity calls that I've taken have been high quality and interesting. It's a great way to connect with people who are trying to solve a specific problem and to help them get unstuck.
Ryan Hoover
Ok, enough stroking Dan's ego. :P I have great respect for the mission Clarity is looking to solve but as I've said before in a few private conversations, I feel like the product is still an iteration or two from magic. I won't pretend to know the answers but I don't think money (for those that aren't familiar, people pay "experts" by the minute for the call) is the best approach. Yes, it weeds out people that aren't that serious and ensures conversations are focused, but it also changes the tone of the conversations, making it very transactional. And for many of the experts, money is a low motivator. Generally, people are more motivated by more intrinsic rewards (social connectedness, reputation, etc.) which Clarity has to a degree but doesn't appear to be its focus. Would love to hear your thoughts @danmartell. Of course, you've put a lot more thought and have the data to backup your product decisions unlike myself.
Derek Shanahan
I love Clarity and have enjoyed every call I've had, but I have always wondered about how it can become daily use for me. The questions feature was a great step forward although I only get notified like once a month about new questions. All said, I've really enjoyed watchin the product evolve from a scrappy jquery app to the polished version it is tody. Big congrats to Dan and team so far.
Jason Evanish
The new design is a great upgrade. Definitely feels more like a web app than a mobile view on web. One thing that does stand out was exploring and every single expert has 5 stars; kind of makes ratings mean less.
Justin Jackson
Anyone else have problems with call quality? Both calls I've done (as an "expert") the audio quality seemed quite poor.
Ryan Hoover
For those of you that get emailed frequently by people asking for advice, here's a useful approach to managing these sometimes overwhelming emails using Clarity -
Dan Martell
@jason re: ratings - 97% of all our calls are 4+ stars ... we do round up (so 4.9 -> 5 stars) but it is what it is / we're lucky that we have a high cust sat post call. Getting on a call can be a pain though .. and we are going to allow rating of calls when experts forget to join, or cancel / etc. @ryan I would've love to have made the service more based on building reputation / etc.. but truth is when it's free, people don't take it seriously (on both sides) .. we ran with free experts for 7 months, and 50% of calls someone didn't show up. It creates a bad experience, and really doesn't solve a problem. Building your reputation - if you have the time - is best done via Quora / Blogging / Twitter - etc. I don't see Clarity playing in that field (oh, and we lost money on those calls because a) there was a cost of the phone infrastructure, b) they called someone free, not paid.) If we're on the hook to drive all demand - which we are today - then it's tough to scale. @justin we haven't had any reports lately - maybe the other person was calling in using VOIP / that's usually the issue? @Derek getting Clarity into a daily thing will require reducing the cost for quality and improving the response times (maybe even real-time). Then it gets more interesting :). Even with the # of experts, fast response to schedule, and sorting by price (many options @ $1/min) it's pretty cheap. I did 4 calls last week with UX/UI/Visual designers from some amazing companies and it cost me $90 bucks.
Robert Granholm
Cool, a fiverr mod 😆
Stephen G. Barr
Clarity has been a great resource for me to advise clients.