Now everybody can publish their own Newsstand Magazine.Monetize your content today. No coding is needed.

In year 2014 we want to help 14 writers/bloggers/content creators, to publish the magazine they've always wanted to publish. You’ll be in charge of the content and leave the rest to us. And did we mention... it won’t cost you a nickel.

Applyto get your magazine published through us. All you have to worry about, is to do what you do best, which is to create amazing content, and we'll do the rest. We take no monthly fees for these lucky 14, only a 9.95% cut of the revenue.

“Newsstand is perhaps the most underutilized, under-imagined distribution tool in the short history of tablet publishing. If you squint your eyes and tilt your head at just the right angle, you’ll notice something magical about Newsstand: given the proper container, it’s a background downloading, offline-friendly, cached RSS machine people can subscribe to. For money.”

Create, Preview & Publish

Publishing your magazine is a simple three step process: create magazine online, preview on your device and publish to your readers.

Createyour magazine by addingtext,images andvideo using Uninkd Publisher, our online magazine editor. Add newissues andarticles with the click of a button.

Previewyour magazine on your iOS device, using Uninkd Previewer, our iOS app.Login and you now have a fully functional version of your publication to play around with.

Publishyour magazine to the world. Click publish and your publication will be pushed to all your subscribers. If your magazine is not in the App Store yet, we’ll push it as a standalone magazine.

We made Uninkd to make it possible for content creators to easily monetize their content on iOS devices without knowing how to code. Uninkd was founded in the US byHolger Sindbaek, an esthetic Dane andPer Hakansson, an entrepreneurial Swede.

A Magazine that Dazzles

When releasing a magazine through Uninkd, you’ll be releasing a magazine that’s content-focused, minimalistic and beautiful. See some of its features below.

Overviewgives your readers easy access to your articles and issues.

Imagesare supported both in headlines and inside articles.

Socialnetwork and web sharing is embedded in your application making it easier to grow audience.

Videosare supported within each article.

Reviewsare important to grow your magazine’s reputation and these are automatic.

Downloadinghappens automatically in the background of new issues.

Landscapeand portrait modes are supported. Turn your iPhone or iPad in whichever direction and see your magazine re-layout itself.

We've published our own magazine about the intersection of maker culture, emerging technologies and market innovation for change makers. Why not check it out ·Makr Briefing.

Pricing & Revenue

You make money by selling subscriptions. We charge $49.95 per month and 9.95% of your gross revenue. We can help with giving your magazine a custom look and feel as well.

Pricingis simple. We charge $49.95 a month, plus 9.95% of your gross revenue.

Revenueis essential to creating a quality publication. You decide yourself how much you want to charge your subscribers.

Subscription Price:Subscriptions:Annual Revenue: