Grow your business – not your admin.

Tallyfy is beautiful workflow software that helps you track your tasks, run approval workflows and manage business processes. Your team finally has the power to end needless admin, busywork and uncertainty.

Create your checklist or process, click Start Process, then watch the magic in real-time –tasks done, data captured and issues resolved.

Tallyfy is powerful workflow software that eliminates the pain of tracking processes on emails, forms, papers and spreadsheets.

Say hello to the world’s first and only process tool designed to bring the incredible power of repeatable processes to everyone.

Workflow management software trusted by thousands of happy customers worldwide

How can you use Tallyfy?


Tallyfy is perfect for workflows with people inside and outside your company.

Onboarding ...


Automatically kick off your custom workflows in response to triggers, alarms, incidents, infrastructure monitoring alerts from your own systems - such as web forms, webhooks, CRM's, APM platforms, IoT devices, and more.

Set things up quickly and easily using Zapier - or via our open API. Interested?

Use the incredible power of AI without any coding

Tallyfy lets you create point-and-click workflows which use AI. Pipe inputs into Google Cloud, Watson, Amazon AI, Microsoft Cognitive Services and more. Grab the output and proceed with your workflow. Mix and match AI services. Use cases include Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Automated Decision Making

Tallyfy AI currently has a large waiting list of customers. Interested?

Inside Email

We've built awesome plugins and add-ons for Outlook (Office 365) and Google Mail (G Suite).

Tallyfy Email Plugins are being tested with pilot customers. Interested?

Our customers love business process management software without flowcharts.