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Forget Craigslist, use this to buy/sell electronics (SF)

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Ryan Hoover
Reminds me of Sold, acquired and shit down by Dropbox a few months ago ( @ryanlawler has the scoop on TC here:
Adam Kazwell
@rrhoover freudian slip? ;)
Adam Kazwell
Hey @ryanm! I know @rrhoover and @nbashaw like to do AMAs with founders to talk a bit about how you got from Yardsale to FOBO?
Adam Kazwell
cc: @emcmanus
Derek Shanahan
Amazing /about page!
Chris Thorne
Some updates on TechCrunch this AM -
Killer app.... when you adding other cities? L dot A dot for instance :)

Designed to help sell your stuff.

Gone takes care of the logistics of selling your stuff. Gone finds the best prices for your items, handles all the packing and shipping, and pays you the money for your sales.


Gone algorithmically finds the best selling price for your items.


Gone offers helpful shipping services once you are ready to sell.


Gone transfers your cash via PayPal, Debit Card or Gift Card.

Gone finds the best prices for your unwanted items.

Gone constantly analyzes transactions from all around the world to pinpoint and follow market prices for thousands of items.

Check out our Selling app

When you sell with Gone, you don’t even need to leave home. The days of remembering logins for different marketplaces, researching prices, printing labels, waiting for a sale or doing deals directly with buyers.

Just upload your electronics and we’ll handle the rest. After you accept our offer, we'll send you a box with a prepaid return label that you can either drop off or schedule a pickup for it.

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There's no mystery when you buy from Gone. We pay close attention to the condition of every item that we list for sale. You will buy products that has been fully inspected and described accurately to the buyer, condition guaranteed.

Buy Used Electronics

Hands Free Shipping

Lite Box Service

United States

Anywhere in the US, we will send free boxes with packing materials, prepaid labels, and instructions for shipping or scheduling a pickup with UPS.

What Gone Users Have To Say

Frequently Asked Questions.

    • If your items don't sell within 30 days after they’re placed for sale, we’ll give you the chance to lower the sale price or to have them sent back to you at no cost.

Say Hello to GoneSMS!

Now you can access the full Gone selling experience by sending a text directly to a Gone assistant. Sell your stuff from any device with SMS capabilities. Click here to try GoneSMS.