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Drown out workplace chatter with the sounds of a coffeeshop

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Adam Kazwell
This site was a revelation for me - instead of trying to cancel out noise, it helped to neutralize sounds so you don't hear the specifics of any one conversation, just a general coffeeshop white noise. (Can also be combined with spotify, give an added vibe)
Derek Shanahan
ash bhoopathy
I've been using ambiance for this, but this is cooler since its free.
Zack Shapiro
This thing is the best. Add Rdio and you're set
Ryan Hoover
This is cool but it's not classy -
Adam Kazwell
Awesome...where's the upvoting of comments @rrhoover?
Ryan Hoover
@kaz - they're coming! :)
Russ Klusas
I just recently started using Noisli -- super easy access to all the standard background noises.
Jonathan Howard
Really digging this app now that I'm finally trying it. Wish it (a) came with music of its own, and (b) worked with the lock screen / earbud controls
Max Kirchoff
Holy smokes this is excellent! Recreating my favorite coffee shops now. + early west coat punk = Sightglass + moody indie = Stumptown + NW noise = Water Ave + soul revival = Blue Bottle
Dane Tidwell
There's a menu bar and mobile app for it now - good stuff @dustin
It's been 4 years and I still come back to this. Thanks for making this @acecallwood