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Quantified self for the office

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Ryan Hoover
TBH, I'm skeptical of Peak. Quantifying every commit, email sent, file uploaded, etc. could encourage the wrong behavior. Of course the number of emails sent isn't a direct measurement of value or productivity. Peak could encourage the wrong behavior.
Lyle McKeany
I agree @rrhoover. This seems like automated micro-management.
Adam Lieb
I'm conceptually a huge fan of this. I talked with these guys a couple months ago. They currently only have 1 year plans. Which I did not want to sign up for. I wanted to give it a try and see how it actually worked. If/when they ever add monthly plans I'll definitely give it a whirl.
Kenneth Cohen
Agree that this encourages vanity metrics of work - the 'GSD' mentality doesn't really mean you are being productive.
Dave Ambrose
@rrhoover would you see the value of “passive" data collection across a team and allowing an employee to be more granular in daily updates? Perhaps it helps kickstart staff communication on project milestone. I can't find the old article but Google PMs would issue daily bullet points around the following: - Completed (tickets) - In progress (features, specs) - Blockers (development or mgmt) The email was just a few lines and would be sent horizontally across teams. When you received the email, you could respond and a new “bullet report" would get generated for your product. If I remember correctly, this was a small hack Google built and then later open sourced the email system.
Eric Friedman
This essentially "writes" a typical weekly or bi-weekly standup session by listening to the data exhaust from all these services. I could see it being good for a 3,6,12 month checkup/pulse on an employee but I don't know if I would want folks surfing the streams of others like this daily. Anyone actively using this want to weigh in?
Ryan Hoover
@daveambrose - Having been in a product management role in most of my professional career, I see the value in this transparency, knowing what the team is working on without having to bug engineers with questions like, "how is feature X coming along?" iDoneThis ( is a useful tool for this, modeled after daily standups in SCRUM. cc @smalter Admittedly, I haven't used Peak yet but they seem to be going too granular. I don't care how many commits you make but I do want to know how far along a feature or project is on a daily basis.
Walter Chen
thanks for the shoutout, ryan. i think there's something useful here, depending how this evolves to solve actual problems.
Dave Ambrose
@rrhoover iDoneThis is exactly what I was referencing. good tip!
Derek Shanahan
The year long commitment was why we didn't give this a shot as well. We use 15Five for weekly updates and team-level standups for Done/Doing/Blockers surfacing. You can use Hojoki ( to do a bit of this 'stream from data exhaust' listening.
Walter Chen
@daveambrose, definitely come check us out at iDoneThis ( and let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
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