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A headband to improve your focus

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Joe Conyers III
I can never be sure about this kind of thing, seems like its riding that 'magnetic tennis bracelet' line pretty close. @daveambrose thoughts?
Let's get @barnehamaarye (friend, co-founder) to chat!
Dave Ambrose
@joeconyers IMO, for “wearables" to be successful as a consumer category - that is, mass adoption - I've seen products that either (1) fit the user based on previous hardware worn, ie a watch or jewelry and (2) disappear on the person, ie the form and fit feels like that of clothing...a second skin. For Melon, I think it's a novel idea. I'm not sure if it's a mass audience who would wear it, given headbands are more accessory driven.
Corey Gwin
Great name though.