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Code reviews made fun

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Ryan Hoover
LOVE the name! But I can't speak for the product. @liveink or @nbashaw?
Robert Shedd
The product sounds like something we would have enjoyed using with my last team
Nathan Bashaw
I like the branding and positioning but I could only find one functional thing that GitHub pull requests don't have: likes. Is there something I'm missing?
Kevin Li
seems interesting but their mobile web view sucks, will have to play around some more
Kevin Li
tried to get this to run, my java prefs are screwed up on mac os x, fail =(

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  • Thanks to Codebrag's simplicity we've managed to introduce code reviews to our process in just two days.
    Michał Pietrasik, Outsourcing Partner
  • I recommend Codebrag especially to new teams looking for lightweight and non-invasive tool.
    Tomasz Nurkiewicz, @tnurkiewicz
  • Codebrag is exactly what we needed: A lean code review tool which doesn't complicate our software development process and just works.
    Dominik Obermaier, CTO @DC-Square
  • Thanks to Codebrag code review became more like checking your mail than a separate, time-consuming task.
    Paweł Fronczak, IT Consultant @Outbox