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Trending links, hashtags, and people for those you follow

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Ryan Hoover
This has similarities to Nuzzel (currently in beta at http://beta.nuzzel.com). Each day, the service emails a list of the most popular links shared by people followed on Twitter. Personally, I'm already inundated with good content from my curated Twitter feed (w/ Pocket's help) and Quibb.
Ryan Hoover
I'll put this right here. :) http://i.imgur.com/Ei5Oiew.png

Tame helps marketers to be part of ever-changing and ever-evolving conversations of their target groups on Twitter.

Tame Pro ScreenshotKey Metricstweet count, for each analysis at a glanceSave the scope of your search andRankingsrelevant Twitter contexts, ranked by relevanceVisualizationsand long term trends and patternsnever miss a trend

What's it for?

Improve Ad Targeting

Find out which keywords perform best for my Twitter ad campaign, and which users to target.

Analyze Trends

Track the buzz for a campaign over time, and compare different keywords.

Find Influencers

Find Twitter users that are most influential for a specific topic.

Listen to Follower Conversations

See the most important topics, users and content from your followers' conversations.

Track your marketing campaigns

Analyze if your existing and potential customers on Twitter respond to your marketing campaigns and use these insights to drive a more focused media effort across multiple channels.