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Nathan Bashaw
No clue what this does but I love their landing page.
Ryan Hoover
Haha, fun and mysterious on-boarding. Looks like this is a new project by Michael Galpert (@msg on Twitter, cofounder of Aviary). Details are sparse though.
Kevin Kwok
I know details, not sure how public it is yet (waiting to post on producthunt until I figure that out), but can send both of you beta page if interested. Just email/dm me.
Adam Kazwell
@kevinakwok would love more info too - lastname at gmail
Derek Shanahan
@kevinakwok would love to check it out as well. awesome onboarding data collection.
Daniel Jefferies
@kaz @dshan @nbashaw I'm on the beta of their first product, SuperCalendar. It was covered in TC in May.
Andy Keil
@kevinakwok Any more details to release? I went through the on-boarding 'til they asked to connect an account. Was hoping for more of an explanation before doing so.

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