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Hand-crafted dinners on demand

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Adam Kazwell
Just tried this app out for the first time - can't imagine it being any easier. 3 options, super quick order process, and price seems right. Let's hope the food tastes good! And looking forward to seeing tons of related links for all the other food delivery options.
Nathan Bashaw
Sprig is awesome. I've been using it for awhile now and met up with Gagan and Neeraj after I wrote a blog post called "Uber for Food" https://medium.com/products-i-wish-existed/638e42e7aef9
Derek Shanahan
I wanna try this. We love Munchery.
Adam Kazwell
Quick differences: Sprig you order at night, Munchery you have to order earlier or else stuff runs out. Munchery's menu is more extension, and a couple bucks more expensive, depending on the dish.
Jack Smith
Munchery and Sprig are both great. Adam highlights the differences well. Munchery has more choice; Sprig is for on-demand. Generally when I've ordered from Sprig, the food arrives in 7 (fastest I've had) to 15 (longest I've had) minutes.
Ryan Hoover
Sprig now offers lunch as well for $9/each.
Ryan Hoover
Sprig is now available on Android.
Ina Herlihy
First time Sprig users can use the code "SprigProductHunt" to claim a free Sprig meal! In order to redeem the code: 1. Install the Sprig iOS or Android app. 2. Create an Account. 3. Click on Account & Enter Promo Code: SprigProductHunt 4. Select Your Meal & Order
Cara Whitehill
Fast, healthy, TASTY, easy, and reasonably priced. So happy they are doing lunch now, too! Their portion sizes aren't ridiculous, and are usually enough for my husband & I to share (or save for leftovers).

Dear friends and customers,It is with a heavy heart that my co-founders and I share that Sprig, Inc. will be shutting down the app today. We apologize to those of you who relied on Sprig for daily meals, and to our extended Sprig team for how this will impact them.

Food delivery has a bright future, and I’m proud of the work we have done at Sprig that has had a positive impact on the space.To our employees: thank you. You provided the best customer service in the industry and created innovations that were admired by your peers. You created a daily rotating menu with hundreds of different dishes served, you prepared the most delicious delivery food I’ve ever tasted, you built a 100% self-engineered system that delivered industry-leading transparency and accountability in our ingredient sources and nutritional data, and you created a logistics engine that let us bring food to people hot and ready to eat often in less than 15 minutes. All of our employees, including our servers, kitchen, hub and HQ staff, will receive two months pay as part of the close down. More importantly, we will be hosting career days to help you on your next path. You are armed with experiences that will help accelerate your career and we will be there to help you succeed. (Note: If you are a company that is hiring and interested in talking to our team, please e-mail us at jobs@sprig.com.)To our customers: you have been our inspiration on this journey. Thank you for the tremendous word-of-mouth growth and feedback you’ve provided us: your messages, phone calls, photos, and reviews made this all worthwhile. We’re proud to have delivered millions of meals to you, and hope you keep demanding the best from the companies that feed you. Four years ago, food delivery was a pain -- expensive, hard to find, and poor quality. Today, there are thousands of restaurants delivering amazing food to you; we’re hopeful for the future.  To the press and public: No question, I’m sad that the Sprig model did not work out -- but the food delivery space on the whole is growing. The demand for Sprig’s convenient, high-quality food was always incredibly high, but the complexity of owning meal production through delivery at scale was a challenge. After spending four years as a food-tech industry insider, I’m amazed at what the space has become. Food is one of the foundations of society and I believe strongly that it must become more sustainable and ethical. I’m hopeful that the food delivery companies that are succeeding will make this a priority. Please continue to help us inspire change: encourage sustainable food systems, better treatment of workers and more awareness of nutrition. These are serious issues and they cannot have enough attention.As for me, my primary goal for the coming weeks is to ensure our team members find their next steps. After that, some time for personal reflection, then off to the next venture.Thank you for everything,