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Ryan Hoover
I'm a big fan of Context, been using it for the past ~2 months. What's fantastic about the aptly named is that it adds much more emotion and personal connection to those you're communicating with without much additional effort than traditional text messaging. I also really like how @bencera_ has integrated himself and his personality into the product through native messaging ( Mobile messaging is super competitive but I think Ben's onto something. P.S. My Context username is rrhoover -- add me! P.P.S. Group messaging is especially fun. :)
Ryan Hoover
Would love to hear @nchirls and @joshelman's take on Context.
Andy Sparks
I've used Context off and on for probably a month. The only thing that bothers me is that I reach a point where I don't want to send another picture, but I do want to send text.
Ryan Hoover
@SparksZilla - I have a similar reaction with React (no pun intended). The selfie messaging is novel and fun but at times introduces self-consciousness -- friction to engage. Frontback faces a similar challenge (wrote about it a few months ago:
Ryan Hoover
@bencera_ is doing some interesting experiments. The other day I received a push notification informing me I was added to an impromptu group with 2 of my friends. Really neat idea. Would love to hear how people received it, Ben. IMO, it needs more context -- a conversation starter perhaps.
Ben Broca
20% of groups were continued. not bad. work in progress!
Ryan Hoover
@bencera_ - How did you come up the idea for Context originally?
Ryan Hoover
Awesome article by @carmeldea just published: Text messaging will look boring after you try this app backed by Betaworks and Dave Morin -
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