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Launch a preorders campaign for your book

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Ryan Hoover
To be honest, I'm skeptical of Kickstarter platforms for specific verticals -- very hard to compete unless your service provides unique functionality tailored to that medium/content/audience. That said, it's an interesting movement and I'm curious to hear of other "Kickstarter for X" markets.
Ben Yoskovitz
Anything in the book publishing space is challenging. It's just such a messed up industry. I'm not sure if the Kickstarter style model is the right one for books, I'm not sure most authors have a $$ goal in mind for creating the book in the first place. But I do think collecting pre-orders makes a ton of sense as validation before writing a book. If I was to write another book (and I'd be hard pressed to do it, trust me!) I'd take the pre-order approach. But I'd probably just put up a landing page and use Gumroad. I have an existing audience that I'd target (assuming the book was similar to what I've written in the past), which makes that easier. So pre-orders as validation and for testing = tons of sense. Kickstarter for books sounds cool, not sure it'll work. But any disruption in the book publishing space is good in my mind, just to shake publishers up.
Ryan Hoover
@byosko - agreed. Gumroad is a great solution for authors -- simple and useful. For many writers, blogging is the "kickstarter.". @nireyal has clearly validated interest in his writing, acquiring several thousand email subscribers in preparation for his upcoming book.

Fund & Publish Your Next Book

Raise funds with a book proposal, and get it pitched to publishers.

Athlete, scientist, and host of The Art of Adventure podcast

Dan Cleland

Founder of Arkana Spiritual Center, and host of The DCXP podcast

Stu Krieger

Harvard Square Editions

Hannes van Rensburg

Founder of Fundamo, an African startup sold to Visa, Inc. for $110 million

Michael Sanders

Red Wheel / Weiser

Dr. Michael Cotton

Theorist in the evolution of consciousness and Founder at Higher Brain Living

Venture capitalist, speaker, Global Startup Evangelist at HP Tech Ventures


Raise funds

Raise funds by selling preorders for 30 days, using our book marketing tools


We pitch publishers

Our software uses big data to pitch your proposal to a targeted list of publishers


Sign a book deal

Receive a range of offers, and choose the best one for you and your book.


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“The team at Publishizer was super professional and a joy to work with.”

Dan Cleland, founder of Arkana Spiritual Centre and host of The Dan Cleland Experience podcast

“Publishizer helped me take my book from concept to reality.”

Derek Loudermilk, pro athlete and host of The Art of Adventure podcast

Sean Avila Saiter, PhD, psychologist researching consciousness for 20 years

Stu Krieger, Hollywood screenwriter of The Land Before Time

“Publishizer helped me find a publisher I love!”

T.J. Anderson, clinical health coach and healthcare entrepreneur

The Art of Health Hacking (Morgan James Publishing)

Features & Pricing

No costs or risks to launch a campaign. You keep 70% of pre-orders.

Proposal builder

Author video hosting

Crowdfunding campaign

Marketing stats & tools

Payment processing

Accept payments via credit card, debit card or PayPal in any currency

Proposal pitch

Publisher tracking

Track publishers who get pitched and express interest in your book

Sell via Amazon

After published, add your Amazon link so Publishizer readers can find and buy your book

What is a book proposal? A book proposal is used to attract publisher interest. Proposals are 1000-5000 words, and include a synopsis, chapter outline, author bio, target audience, marketing plan, and 1-2 sample chapters. Publishizer proposals are hosted online.

Do I need a finished manuscript? For nonfiction, no manuscript is needed. In fact, it’s preferred. 90% of nonfiction books are acquired before the book is written.

How does pitching work? At the end of your crowdfunding campaign, Publishizer uses algorithms and data science to pitch a list of relevant acquiring editors. If the editor expresses interest, they will get in contact with you directly.

How many publishers do you pitch? We pitch at least 30 publishers for you. This includes traditional, advance-paying publishers, although we cannot guarantee an advance. To help you land a deal, we also pitch independent publishers and high-quality hybrid publishers who take a stake in the success of your book.

What are the advantages of a traditional publisher? Prestige and publicity. Traditional publishers focus on strong author platforms and mainstream commercial potential. They pay author advances, and do not charge authors. However, expect only 5-15% royalties, and loss of creative control.

What are the advantages of an independent publisher? Quality and attention. Independent publishers seek quality writers with a clearly defined audience for marketing. They do not normally pay advances, and do not charge authors. Expect royalties between 15-30%, and more hands-on attention than traditional publishers.

What are the advantages of a hybrid publisher? Speed and flexibility. Hybrid publishers offer partnerships with authors looking to reach a wider readership and build their audience. They do not pay advances, and normally charge authors an upfront cost, or require a minimum order of books. Expect royalties between 30-70%, and the highest level of service, speed, and creative flexibility.

What happens if I don’t receive a publishing offer I’m happy with? We guarantee you will receive at least 3 publishing offers, if you hit 250 pre-orders. If you hit 250 pre-orders and don't receive 3 publishing offers within 7 days of your campaign ending, we will pitch an additional 10 publishers for you, to help you get more offers.

Can you write the book proposal for me? Yes. We offer a done-for-you book proposal writing service for a fee, and we can arrange a ghost writer to write the book for you. Please contact us for more information.