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Autocorrect for drawing, by Google

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Ryan Hoover
Request for integration: WordArt
Paresh Khatri
@rrhoover Couldnt ask more than that :)
Const Gavrilenko
@rrhoover He had to be in glasses on red background))) as we have in the logo @ProductHunt ))) but very cool
Jeffrey Wyman
this thing is amazing!! should be #1
Brett Cooke
Hats off to everyone who worked on this! I'm going to put this tool to heavy use. I think it'll be a staple of design tools moving forward, especially during the wireframing stage.
Gary Wong
This is awesome!
Jevin Sew
I made 20 minutes worth of horrible drawings before closing the tab! 😱
Asad Dhamani
Finally I too can draw! This is the future!
Ian Rumac
Holy shit. Game changer. I've never thought of that usecase, this could be one of the best apps on my phone.
Mike Pascoe PhD
What could this be used for?
Mark Ambler
@mpascoe You could make stuff like this:
Mark Ambler
@mpascoe ...and help google's doodle AI get better
@mpascoe It can be used for coloring book design and for t-shirt design
Aaron Jackson
I'm not going to lie, I've been using this for about a full three minutes and I'm loving it.
Ludwig Dumont
This shiz is the most awesome thing...#jobwelldone guys!
This is great! Looking forward to playing with it more.
Ryan Hoover
This is incredible. I am cat artist.
This is very cool! Nice use of machine learning
Csaba Kissi
AI everywhere! This is excellent. I've tried few animals and all were recognised except hedgehog.
Kraig Walker
I just made a dope Rhino with some chill earbuds. This is the end of crappy mouse doodles. Feature request: Eraser πŸ–
Mat Flamant
Awesome! πŸš€
Tan Gandhara
Does it use what Google has learnt from QuickDraw to make this work?
Chad Whitaker
Not bad.
Aram Shahinyan
@chadwhitaker !!!! ahahahha :))))
Vladimir Vasilevski
@chadwhitaker ...soon :)
Alessandro Russo
@chadwhitaker Awesome!
Sameer Sontakey
@chadwhitaker Haha, clever ;)
Reony Tonneyck
@chadwhitaker πŸ™ŒπŸΌ 🀣
Flak DiNenno
@chadwhitaker this is actually based on a fascinating (and fun) Google AI experiment called Quick Draw:
Andrew Richard
@chadwhitaker This would work great with Google Keep.
John Stevenson
@chadwhitaker Awesome!
Tese Omesan
This is my new favorite thing. My dream. Integrate with squigglish
Joseph Holguin
Save it as a bookmarklet from iOS Safari. Boom, new sketch app!