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One Sentence Snapblogging

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Ryan Hoover
@ShaanVP did an awesome AMA on Reddit a few weeks ago - My first question for Shaan: What's the most surprising thing you've found since you launched Boya in November?
Shaan Puri
Three things come to mind: 1. More people ask questions than I would have guessed (25% of users who sign up, ask someone else a question) 2. People are sharing things that I assumed they would only share if it was anonymous (eg. 3. Users don't behave like we expected them to (duh). For example - they find joy in writing "I love my wife!", although that's not necessarily 'blogworthy' in the traditional sense.
Ryan Hoover
Interesting. I've also seen very revealing, vulnerable stories shared on Boya. I can't help but see similarities with Whisper in terms of the emotional needs it fill but in very different ways.