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Elon Musk's new company, creating tunnels for traffic

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Sergio Flores
I actually never thought of a platform for transporting the car. This looks like the future.
Paul de Fombelle
@byoigres i dont see the point of the platform. Why not use the "drive" feature of the car?
Paul de Fombelle
@byoigres then we could build a platform to transport the platform
Scott Robertson
@paulodef @byoigres Why waste battery power?
@paulodef @byoigres The point of the platform is for controlled traffic. If people were driving in the tunnels it would become congested and potentially dangerous. My bigger concern is what happens to that giant gapping hole in the ground. Does it get sealed by a door the second the car passes through? If not this design is very very dangerous.
Markus Schuette
@joshwhiteheadme the self driving feature will allow traffic to be controlled. No need for an autonomous platform.
Jake Cohen
@joshwhiteheadme @paulodef @byoigres The problem is it will ultimately be come congested because it doesnt make use of space well. 5 cars would fit a 128 person train
Bas Grasmayer
@markus_schuette @joshwhiteheadme Only if basically all cars are self-driving.
Juan Sanchez
@markus_schuette @joshwhiteheadme The problem with letting the self-driving cars in the tunnels without the platform is that someone could disengage the self-driving feature (or override a lock that is activated whilst in the tunnel). On top of that, you're wasting the car's battery (see how long a Tesla drives while going over 100mph).
Niv Dror
Elon Musk stuck in traffic, comes up with totally futuristic idea to end traffic. Elon Musk tweets, said futuristic idea to end traffic. Calls it the Boring company. "Boring, it's what we do." 5 months later, reveals futuristic new company at TED. If πŸ‘ this πŸ‘ was πŸ‘ a πŸ‘ movie πŸ‘ it πŸ‘ would πŸ‘ be πŸ‘ considered πŸ‘ "too out there" πŸ‘ to πŸ‘ be πŸ‘ reality. πŸ‘ Very proud of my good friend Elon.
Ahmad Awais ⚑
@nivo0o0 We need this here in Lahore, PK!
@nivo0o0 Tunnels never REALLY had great life span in human history. Why go underground.. if you can fly?
Andrew Askins
@lyondhur @nivo0o0 there was an article about this a few weeks ago. Musk argued that flying cars aren't as good an idea as everyone thinks they are. Hard to control all of those flight paths and crashes could be extremely dangerous. His example was imagine a hub cap coming off and flying through the air.
Arqum Younus
@lyondhur @nivo0o0 Totally agree with you, why go underground, why not go for overhead roads?
@andrewaskins @nivo0o0 I'm not necessarily implying flying cars only, but over-the-ground trains and cars systems (flying, as in speed). However, we're quite close to a technological jump that's unprecedented. I see NO BIG AN OBSTACLE to manage an entire network of airways for flying vehicles with Artificial Intelligence, as it reaches a favourable point to do so. I heard it in a conversation with fellow designers and teacher friends that Musk's reluctant argument around flying cars revolves around the fact that he himself doesn't have a stake in it. Yet. Meaning, we'd be too behind in that race, as he is far too involved with tunnels, solar and neural networks. I won't be surprised if his argument completely changes in 10 years.
@andrewaskins @nivo0o0 We can do this without AI, 24/7. I think we will be able to manage the future.
Noah Kim
What happens to the gaping hole left in the road after the car descends?
Ben Ingignieri
@wuss Hopefully it closes as soon as the car descends under the road & quickly, otherwise there'll be reports of pothole sightings around the city leading to the underworld! xD
Juan Sanchez
@ben_ingignieri @wuss So, NYC day to day?
K. Higs
This guy is like James Cameron's sequel to Steve Jobs.
@karim_higazy yes, he is raising the bar
Joshua Marriage
@karim_higazy except this guy has ideas that advance humanity lol
jonathan bowden
This would be awesome, I'm just curious if this was really put out by Elon, or a super fan... either way it looks great, especially with the easter egg of a mulitiperson mover / metro replacer... ;)
Steven Simoni
Cool, when does it come out?
NaveenKumar Namachivayam
@steven_simoni 10 years
Kunal Bhatia
Elon has truly turned into Bored Elon Musk! πŸ˜‚πŸ•³οΈ
Boring Hunt.
Mohammed Rafy
Investors will get bored and pour money into the boring company.
Dr. Joseph Santoro
Well, they can't all be winners...
David Ryan
@joseph_santoro can't work out if that's The Jetson's or a mockup of the animation for the next Apple product launch :P
Ben Ingignieri
Does Elon Musk ever sleep lol?! Seriously though, i'm loving these futuristic ideas he comes up with!
jeremy carson
seems so insanely impractical. massive tunnels for removing a few dozen cars from the flow of traffic at a time won't do much. am interested in how it scales. EDIT: massive tunnels, not massive tunes. though, an elon musk cover band sounds interesting...
Sotiris Karagiannis
@thejeremycarson I agree. I'd prefer to direct his creativity and vision to a really impossible until now target: Teleportation
Bruno Skvorc
@skaragiannis @thejeremycarson you would kill yourself to send a copy of yourself to your destination? Seems mad.
Sotiris Karagiannis
@bitfalls @thejeremycarson who says that? Old movies ? I believe we don't even know what's coming with biocomputing and quantum physics and other tech. Ai seems so predictable compared to them!
Noah Kim
@thejeremycarson 1% solution for a 1% problem. The real problem is "how do we get the most people from point A to point B as comfortably and with as little friction as possible". What this is solving is "how do I get me and my beloved car that is mostly driving just me around 90% of the time, from point A to point B as comfortably and with as little friction as possible".
Gabe Ragland
@thejeremycarson Why do you think it would only remove a few dozen cars? You can have many many layers of tunnels. In the video he talks about how you can dig much farther down than the tallest skyscraper.
Adithya Shreshti
Something is totally not right here - I mean not the 'boring' idea or the website but the value of the website,

it’s valued at just $3k

πŸ˜‰ Look's like this is a fan made website! (saw Elon's


Simon Bromberg
@adithya Well, Elon Musk tweeted the URL: lol @ his replies
Tal Hoffman
Seems a bit too futuristic. But if anyone can make this happen, it'd probably be Elon Musk.
Avi Parshan
Interesting idea
AndrΓ© J
boring product moving on.
Ravi Srinivasan
Now this boring hunt is going to bury all the cool products on Product Hunt and prevent them from surfacing.
Markus Schuette
@ravsydney how boring
Late April fool's joke?
Mahieddine Cherif
This is kind of "ferroutage", it exists since 2 decades now (at least in France, Germany, Italy), trains are used to load trucks or cars/motorcycles, the driver can then sleep in his own "cabine" and get some rest.(
joshua bradley
So... privileged people don't have to wait in traffic but all of their employees do? Seems less complicated to launch CEOcopters and build some landing pads.