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Easily record family stories

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Ryan Hoover
I met with solo-founder, @nickbaum, ~2 months ago (great guy!). I like the email-first approach ( Great way to build and validate demand for the product quickly.
Nick Baum
I'm the founder, AMA! PS: it's a great holiday gift for parents and grandparents :)
Ryan Hoover
Welcome, @nickbaum! First question... What inspired you to create StoryWorth?
Nick Baum
Long story short, my dad is 83 years old, so I basically built it for him to record his stories, so I can have them for my eventual kids and grand-kids. I recently printed a book of his StoryWorth stories... it's 80+ pages long! If I'd told him he'd write 80 pages of his biography this year, he would never have believed me – the power of habits. PS: Good community management, Ryan – though email notifications would have helped me notice this sooner!
Ryan Hoover
@nickbaum - YES! Those are coming soon courtesy of @nbashaw and the internetz. :)
Ryan Hoover
@nickbaum - Right now it's only text. Do you see photos or other media being added to StoryWorth? P.S. I wonder what StoryWorth + Heyday would look like. :)
Nick Baum
You can actually already upload audio and photo attachments, both on the web and as email attachments, though I haven't emphasized that yet since most people don't have their family digitized yet (I'm looking into some ways around that as well).
Ethan R Anderson
I love Storyworth. It's one of those gifts where the intangible value is priceless (like that Mastercard commercial - haha!). It brings you closer to your family members and helps you understand more about yourself and your origins. It's also creates the greatest ever sense of urgency ever - get your family history documented before it's too late!

Get weekly stories from your loved ones

Get weekly stories from your loved ones,

bound in a beautiful keepsake book.

Only $59 through December 31st ($20 off)

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You probably never knew about your mom’s first crush, the time your uncle fought City Hall to save the library, or your grandma’s brief stint in the marching band.

StoryWorth makes it easy and fun for family members to share stories with loved ones, with weekly emailed story prompts — questions you’ve never thought to ask.

At the end of the year, they’ll get the stories bound in a beautiful hardcover book.Strengthen your bond as you get to know them in a whole new way!

Here’s how it works:


Each week, we send your storyteller a question you’ve never thought to ask.


They write a story each week, which is shared with you and your family.


A year’s worth of stories are bound into a beautiful keepsake book.

Connect with your family

“StoryWorth is a great way to stay in touch with my sons. It helps to bridge our geographic distance by providing lively discussion topics.”

Nancy | Springfield PA
Patricia | Sacramento CA

Preserve your memories

“Answering the StoryWorth questions is a delightful experience. I’m passing on treasures to my children and their future families.”

Trisha | Rochester NY