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Rick Klau
Blog post: Android:
Eric Metelka
So...who has invites?
Tony Sheng
@eric3000 +1 the invite thirst is real
Andrew Zusman
@tonysheng @eric3000 Absolutely real...even *I* want one and I'm not a bandwagon jumper on stuff like this usually...
Nathan Sudds
@UXAndrew @tonysheng @eric3000 If anyone is sharing invites, definitely interested too
Derek Shanahan
@eric3000 Who's got the Invitez! is bouncing:)
Graham Earley
@eric3000 I'll throw my name in the invite hat!
Eric Wilson
@NathanSudds Oh hey there Nathan :) Let me know if you stumble upon some invites!
Nathan Sudds
@ecwilson @NathanSudds You know I wouldn't leave you hanging, and keep me in mind if you get some first!
Chad Fullerton
@eric3000 I'd love an invite if anyone has any!
Yvo Schaap
@eric3000 +1 for invite
Ryan Hoover
From what I've initially gathered, Google is centralizing the many inboxes we all have (email, to-dos, flight reservations, receipts, etc.). Here's a lovely GIF: Seems like something that should be a part of Google Now/Android notification tray.
@rrhoover Invite on its way, bud.
Omar El Amri
@rrhoover This seems to work like @paulg wants email to work:
Brett deMarrais
@niket @rrhoover would love an invite too!
Some Guy
@BrettdeM @niket @rrhoover I'd appreciate an invite as well, my inbox is a zoo!
Chris McCann
@ghobs91 @BrettdeM @niket @rrhoover same here, I want to check it out :)
Eric Posen
@niket @rrhoover Would also love one! Thanks.
Mike Khristo
@niket @rrhoover hook it up! =)
Honey Raj Varma
@niket @rrhoover @eriktorenberg Invites woohoo :)
Chad Fullerton
@niket @rrhoover I'd love an invite! Inbox is exactly what I've been looking for to merge my todos and emails into one centralized spot. I use gmail like this currently with 'starred' items in a priority inbox layout. This takes it a step further. Love it!
Yvo Schaap
@niket would love an invite:
Dharmesh Shah
@rrhoover Will add my request for an invite, if someone has them.
Floyd Miller
Awesome! Can't wait to see how they invites are divided.
Ken Norton
Can't remember ever being more excited to share a Google product with the world. Has completely changed how I use email.
Andrew Zusman
@kennethn better than Wave? I remember how excited I was when Wave came out :-)
Anuj Adhiya
@UXAndrew Wave had so much potential
Bradley Mahler
@AnujAdhiya @UXAndrew Agreed! I was surprised when it didn't find its way into G+. It could have been a great differentiator vs. Facebook. Every wall post could turn into a live group chat.
Rick Klau
The Verge: NYT:
So it's like Mailbox then? edit: eh has features like mailbox but seems like more G+ and wave-like stuff too
1. Best product I've seen developed by a non-research team at Google in 3 years. 2. It's like Mailbox if Mailbox could do what Mailbox hoped to do. 3. Glad it's finally out for everyone to use.
Eric Metelka
@niket From your comment in #2, was this a response to Mailbox? Also curious if anyone from the old Sparrow team worked on Inbox.
@eric3000 Someone asked if this was like Mailbox, and my response is that I think both of these awesome teams are trying to help people communicate better and be more effective. I think in terms of execution Inbox is ahead of Mailbox thanks to integrations with Google's other services. I have a ton of respect for both teams and wish them well as we try to navigate digital communication.
Andrei M. Marinescu
@eric3000 @niket had the same thought RE: Sparrow team.
Chris Messina
@eric3000 Inbox was under development long before Mailbox sold to Dropbox.
Eric Metelka
@niket Thanks for your insights.
Eric Metelka
@malaparte @niket Can confirm this is what the Sparrow team has been working on:
Alex Manthei
@niket except it's not out for everyone to use ;) as it's invite only at the moment, right?
Tracy Ingram
@niket yes if Mailbox was what mailbox was supposed to be... +1 invite
The invite system is a cruel tease for early adopters. Anyone want to share?
Marc Mezzacca
0:17 into the video, great impulse buy
Barron Roth
Love how they didn't eradicate the current Gmail, but are simply offering an additional product. Excited for an invite!
Omar El Amri
This was front page on Hacker News this morning. It'd be nice for someone who's used it to compare it Mailbox.
Daniel Kempe
Hey guys! Would really appreciate an invite if anyone happens to have one to send! Thanks!
Greg Rosen
Can't wait to try this out. I wonder if its just organization or also focusing on actions you need to take on each message.
Rick Klau
@grosen It's more than organization; lots of action-oriented enhancements to act on content within the messages. The time management tools (snooze messages, for instance) are also key. As @kennethn said, it's totally changed how I manage my inbox in the last few months.
Greg Rosen
@rklau @grosen @kennethn See thats not fair... now I'm dying to get my hands on it. High praise.
James Lee
can someone get me an invite?
Andrei M. Marinescu
+1 on wanting to try this out. Invites, anyone?
ece (。◕‿◕。)
Can't upvote any harder. Combines a lot of my favorite Google Now / Gmail Labs features into a much better package. Pumped to make the switch as soon as I get an invite!
Max Ade
I've used Mailbox and Inbox - love the snooze feature in both. Inbox does a great job of grouping similar emails together to archive all at once. Waiting for invites to come in, but I'll be sure to share when they do.
Andy Keil
@adesome Rad.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
Looking for a replacement for Mailbox. Installed Acompli today but don't know what to think of that yet. Would love to get an invite for iOS!
Derek Shanahan
@bramk Been using this alongside Mailbox. Not a huge win IMO - the swipe is opposite direction too which is maddening. The files surfacing is nice, but not daily use. The "important" box isn't enough of a win either (and I get like 200-300 emails a day so you'd think it would be). Excited to try Inbox.
Eric Metelka
@dshan @bramk I use both too (before Inbox). You can now choose the swipes in Mailbox, so you could map them to be the same as Acompli.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
@eric3000 @dshan @bramk Ok I need this!
Sandra Carden
Inbox, you are teasing us with your "By Invitation Only." I understand a gradual rollout. Actually, I *would* love to have an invite. Thanks!

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