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Super fast color schemes generator for cool designers

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Eric Willis
Very easy and beautiful way to create a color palette.
Honey Raj Varma
@erictwillis Neat find Eric, I believe the colors are being pulled from I used to submit color schemes there myself!
Karim Roushdy
@erictwillis previously on product hunt by @twholman & @claudioguglieri .. also has fonts added. it is fun because it makes it a random on the go experience
Eric Willis
@k_roushdy @erictwillis @twholman @claudioguglieri Hey Karim. I'm the one who hunted Palettab :)
Tim Holman
Oh wew, this is crazy close to our original design (perhaps we're not that unique after all) ... awesome job! We kind of to want to make something a little more installable, for people who don't really use that new for anything, rather than a go-to for when you're looking for nice palettes. Awesome to see similar lines of thinking, with two different products :D
Eric Willis
@raj_ventures Yeah. @colourlovers created this app along with @_fbrz. I invited them over to the discussion but I they never made it over today :(
Honey Raj Varma
@erictwillis @raj_ventures @colourlovers @_fbrz No worries, good find regardless bro \m/
Karim Roushdy
@twholman it makes every new tab I open just more fun..i love to discover things on the go..unintentionally :D
Karim Roushdy
@erictwillis @k_roushdy @erictwillis @twholman @claudioguglieri well i have to thank you then. It has been very useful for me. more than you would think :D
Eric Willis
@k_roushdy @erictwillis @k_roushdy @twholman @claudioguglieri Nice!
Fabrizio Bianchi
@erictwillis @raj_ventures Coolors is no longer powered by but by a brand anew algorithm that generates beautiful palettes automatically! ;)
Honey Raj Varma
@erictwillis @_fbrz Very awesome and Interesting; would love to know how you guys are tagging the palettes - is that a manual process? That was one of the main uses, i.e. when I used to search for 'flight' before, it would yield lots of blue, greys, and white; or 'movie colors' would yield the filter gradients used such as orange & teal in action movies. Perhaps an algorithm that searches such 'common' sources and finds the colors used between them and automatic tag could help? :)
Andrew Zusman
Rod Austin
Ria Blagburn
Is it wrong to use this to create a wedding colour scheme?
Ketan Anjaria
I was the original developer of and I highly approve this!
Seth Miller
@kidbombay talk about a stamp of approval
Ketan Anjaria
@sethmills21 I love how it takes the thought process out of creating themes. Color themes and relationships can be very complex but this just turns it into a game. Almost like a slot machine for harmony.
Tamas Ratkai
@sethmills21 @kidbombay "slot machine for harmony" this could be the actual slogan.
Evan Varsamis
ohh this is fantastic, just what I was looking for!
Abhi Chirimar
Whoa this works just as advertised. Great find!
Stuart Chaney
Tried searching for something like this last week and came up with nothing. superbly done.
Ross Rojek
Just sent this to my wife (who often complains about the number of links I send her) and got an "Oh cool!"
Eric Willis
@SacBookReviewer That's validation!
Joe Lau
Amazingly thoughtful experience - it mixes what humans do best (judging candidates and setting subjective constraints) with with machines do best (generating candidates in a large search space).
Pieter Walraven
As a cool color blind person I like this a lot!
Paul Jarvis
I can't get this working in safari, it just loads the intro and won't skip or show the palette picker. works in chrome + ff no problem.
Fabrizio Bianchi
Thanks guys! I'm glad that you're enjoying Coolors! @erictwillis Coolors is not a Colourlovers project, I only pull color schemes from that website. ;) @twholman great job with Palettab!
@_fbrz BRAVO! what is your favorite color swatch? Are you more into the pastels, cool colors, or more earthy? I think I like the lightweight pastel feel! @sharefloapp
Duane Wilson✌️
Would like to be able to sign in and access my saved palettes from the web. Did I miss it?
Fabrizio Bianchi
@duanewilsonsf You can do it! Go to and follow the tutorial :)
would love to see a gallery of top color schemes ( based on votes )
Fabrizio Bianchi
@arturmakly This feature is coming soon ;)
Aaron McKeehan
Definitely love this. I am color challenged, not color blind, but certainly challenged. So something that makes color picking have my vote :).
Matt McClard
I love this product. And it looks like they just updated it with a ton of cool new features.
Works great but is there a system to add more than 5 colors? Maybe support for tint/shades? Can we choose how the generation works – by a certain rule like Complementary or Triadic? Also one major pet peeve, I can’t seem to login from your iOS app after having saved a few palettes from your web app. Bummer.
Also missed having PMS support!
Andie Katschthaler
I was messing around with a variety of these services for years. Coolors beat them all, simply because it lets me fix certain colours and then get the rest done. Would appreciate a possibility to say: this shade but lighter for specific colours, but that’s nitpicking. This makes something that’s absolutely maddening (for me) a whole lot easier. Settling on a look for my websites and blogs is always the hardest part for me. The copy is written in a flash.

Create, save and share perfect palettes in seconds!

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Press the spacebar and done! Create beautiful color schemes that always work together.
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Export your palettes in several handy formats like PNG, PDF, SCSS, SVG or copy the permanent URLs.
Palettes collection
Create your profile and keep all your color schemes well organized with name and tags.
Colors in the cloud
Thousands of ready made ones!
Browse great color schemes, shared by creatives like you.
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